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DTS Q220 (RFR)
Specially prepared for the Beinners pilot. This Quad is talking about – DURABLE
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  • Size - 220mm 
    Flight Control - F3 
    Video Tx - 25mW / 200mW / 600mW (Optional) 
    Camera Format - NTSC
    ESC - 30A blheli

    Motor - 2205 2350kv 
    Blade - 5040 x 3 
    Weight - Approx. 410g (Without Battery)

    • Battery Mount Plate Set
      Battery Mount Plate Set
      Name: Battery Mount Plate Set Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006893 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Battery Mount Set - DTS006936
      Battery Mount Set - DTS006936
      Name: Battery Mount Set Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006936 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor Arm (Plastic) - DTS006882
      Motor Arm (Plastic) - DTS006882
      Name: Motor Arm (Plastic) Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006882 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Side Cover (Plastic) - DTS006881
      Side Cover (Plastic) - DTS006881
      Name: Side Cover (Plastic) Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006881 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor 2205-2350KV CW - DTS006888
      Motor 2205-2350KV CW - DTS006888
      Name: Motor 2205-2350KV CW Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006888 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor 2205-2350KV CCW - DTS006887
      Motor 2205-2350KV CCW - DTS006887
      Name: Motor 2205-2350KV CCW Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006887 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor Protector (Green) - DTS007058
      Motor Protector (Green) - DTS007058
      Name: Motor Protector (Green) Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS007058 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor Protector (Black) - DTS007056
      Motor Protector (Black) - DTS007056
      Name: Motor Protector (Black) Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS007056 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Motor Protector (Orange) - DTS007057
      Motor Protector (Orange) - DTS007057
      Name: Motor Protector (Orange) Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS007057 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Carbon Arm: front/back - DTS006890
      Carbon Arm: front/back - DTS006890
      Name: Carbon Arm: front/back Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006890 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Enhance Plate - DTS006891
      Enhance Plate - DTS006891
      Name: Enhance Plate Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006891 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Pressure Plate - DTS006885
      Pressure Plate - DTS006885
      Name: Pressure Plate Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006885 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Propeller Nuts - DTS006866
      Propeller Nuts - DTS006866
      Name: Propeller Nuts Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006866 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Antenna Mount - DTS006861
      Antenna Mount - DTS006861
      Name: Antenna Mount Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006861 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Camera Mount Set - DTS006859
      Camera Mount Set - DTS006859
      Name: Camera Mount Set Brand: DTS Item Number : DTS006859 Model: For DTS Q220
    • 720P Storage FPV Camera
      720P Storage FPV Camera
      Name: 720P Storage FPV Camera Brand: GWY Item Number : GWY006832 Model: For DTS Q220
    • Cobra V FPV Goggles
      Cobra V FPV Goggles
      Make more pilot enjoy first FPV experience, we have designed this high cost performance ratio goggle.